Mila Airways

the exquisite premium flight



Our uniform is similar to the flight stewarts uniform, thematic flights/animators for children


Screens built into the portholes show country landscapes of a thematic flight


You can get to the restaurant only after booking the tickets. Do not forget about the Dress Code and Face Control. Everything is like in a real airport




Italian cuisine is based on historically developed centuries-old traditions with the cultural influences of the Romans, Greeks, Lombards, and Arabs


French cuisine is conditionally divided into two main branches - regional folk and exquisitely aristocratic


Known for its preference for natural, minimally processed and seasonal products, and seafood


A new trend in the world culinary! A mixture of traditions: Korea, Japan, Vietnam, China, the Philippines, India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore



VIP hall

The cockpit, panoramic city view, 1 table for 6 people

Large hall

12 tables for 2 and 4 people, a hall for 36 people and a bar


A Hall with 1 table for corporate events for 12 people

About us

The first and only airplane restaurant in Europe is now available for you and guests of our city
Our chef will surprise you with an immersion in an exciting culinary journey - a thematic flight to Tokyo or Paris. The cozy interior will provide the ideal atmosphere for any occasion, from a romantic date to a business meeting.
Dreaming in the clouds is the feeling that people love during flights. Our gourmet cuisine and cozy atmosphere give you this feeling and chance on the ground.


"Business-based friendship is much stronger than friendship-based business" © Tadao Yamaguchi

For partners

We are open to investors, partners, suppliers, designers, and decorators

For advertisers

Your advertisement can be in portholes at every table


We create a special family aboard from the best specialists

See you onboard!

"When it seems that the whole world is against you, remember that the plane takes off against the wind!" © G. Ford


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